Launching this website is a personal challenge, drawing inspiration from my life in Mauritius.

I am lucky to have very good friends all over Mauritius, but it is difficult to get together. We love clothes and we talked about organizing a  »vide-dressing » all together to sell what we no longer put on. But … between the overworking girl who does not give up her work even on weekends, the exhausted young mother who does not even have time for herself, the girlfriend who lives on the other side of the island and who doesn’t has no car, the girl who goes to bed late and lives more at night … It was an IM-POS-SIBLE mission!

So some of them started selling their clothes on social medias. With mixed success because the ads were not visible by everyone. A mixed success!

The website therefore seemed obvious: to provide a second-hand clothing sale / exchange / donation platform to Mauritians! This website is for fashionistas who are looking for stylish international finds but also for young people and families. Indeed, it is also possible to sell baby equipment there (second-hand baby stuff).

Towards a sustainable approach to the consumption of clothing

Beyond this idea of ​​offering a classified ads website, ecology affects me more particularly. The textile industry is one of the most polluting in the world. Our wardrobes are full. They also contain clothes sometimes never worn, which we keep saying ‘we never know’, or ‘when I will have lost weight …!

The fashion industries are renewing their collections more and more quickly with more and more fragile materials which makes the garment an object of current consumption and disposable #fastfashion.

They sometimes even involve children in the production loop. All this for the sole purpose: to make us consume more and more! We have to be aware of this when we buy a garment. To become aware is to start an approach towards slow-fashion.

Quality clothing can be reused by another person. By selling / exchanging / donating your clothes, you will have a wardrobe of clothes that you really want to wear!

So … Devid to l’armoir! This will help you avoid the famous dilemma of ‘I don’t know how to dress!’ 🙂

Remember that fashion is changing, but style and elegance are timeless. Let’s adopt #slowfashion.

Good sales to all!