I saw in Moka recently people throwing clothes in the trash… What a desolation in front of this show… I do not know what condition these clothes were in but maybe they could have given them or even sold them on videtonplacard.com!

In any case, I told myself that you should share this little trick of upcycling to make with old clothes: make a tawashi!

Tawashi: the little Japanese sponge from recycling

Most consumers use synthetic sponges to make dishes, which are made with highly polluting materials. Although natural sponges are 'less worse', they are often treated with antibacterial and antifungal chemicals. The sponges are therefore not biodegradable, let alone compostable.

Often used for several weeks, they end up in our waste, which keeps piling up on our small island…

Tawashi is a small sponge of Japanese origin made from old fabrics. So don't throw away your old holesocksanyany!!!

How to make a tawashi?

Nails, a small board, a pair of scissors and old fabrics cut into strips: that's all you need!

The fabrics of old T-shirts or socks will be perfect 🙂

To make one quickly and easily, I advise you to watch this tutorial on Youtube:

Here: no more excuses to throw away what can be recovered. By doing so you not only reduce your waste but you give a second life to your clothes.

For other clothes that you don't use and that are in good condition, feel free to create a donation, exchange or sale ad on videtonplacard.com!

See you soon!


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