The classifieds site is aimed only at major individuals for the sale of clothing and accessories (baby equipment tolerated) between individuals through a system of classifieds. Its use is conditional on the full acceptance of these General Terms of Use. The site is published by Zaé Consulting LTD, registered under the number BRN 114000099 . The head office is located in Camp Samy, Moka. For any questions about the company, you can email us your questions. This site is hosted by OVH SAS. 

The classifieds published on the site are free for individuals for the launch of the site. Paid offers with additional features are to be expected.

After submitting your ad you receive a first receipt email and then a second email at the time of po
sting. It takes about 48 hours to post on the site. reserves the right to refuse inappropriate classifieds, without providing justification, and/or to reclassify a small ad if the category is not complied with, not to publish a photo if it does not comply with technical requirements or if it does not correspond to the product sold or if it is simply inappropriate. offers free ads to sell/buy/exchange clothing, shoes, accessories and childcare items (baby equipment) between major individuals only in Mauritius. Any other ads that do not comply with this limitation will not be published. Advertisements can be written in English, French or Mauritian Creole.

We remain concerned about the quality of published ads, and a regular check is done manually. However, it is still possible to report the ad to administrators by clicking on the 'signaler' button on the details of the ad.

It is also prohibited on 

  • Show a surcharged phone number in an ad without specifying the cost of the call per minute – call price,  
  • Post multiple ads with the same or near descriptive content, 
  • Post several identical ads in multiple cities, 
  • Offer multiple goods or services in one ad, 
  • Post an ad with a title or description that is too short, confusing, misleading or unclear, advertising content,
  • Post an ad with illegal content or an ad that incites hatred towards a group or person or sexual, segregated or non-compliance with Mauritian laws.
  • Post an ad for counterfeit products.

The above list is non-exhaustive and may be subject to review.

It is also mandatory to remove an old ad before inserting a new one relating to the same property. 

When an individual posts an ad on this site, they accept the rules described above.

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