What can you sell on Videtonplacard.com?

Videtonplacard.com offers you to post classified ads in Mauritius to sell your clothes, jewelry, shoes and accessories. It is also possible to sell baby equipment or toys. You can also offer a donation or swap. What you sell must be in good condition. For hygiene reasons, underwear will not be sold on the website.

Is it free to post an ad on the website?

All classifieds can be published for free on the Videtonplacard.com site, the first second-hand Mauritian thrift store online!

It is not excluded that paid offers will be offered later with additional features.

How to contact the seller?

You can contact the seller either by phone, by a comment or by a private message on the website.  The contact is displayed on each ad.

How does the reviews system works?

There are 2 types of reviews: for buyers and for sellers. The first step to leave a review is to create an account and to have exchanged at least one message with the seller. Once the seller answers you, you are able to rate it. Likewise, the seller may file a review on you.

Once a review is posted, it is visible on the profile. By going to your profile, you can see the list of reviews posted on you. A review cannot be changed, but you can still reply to the person who posted the notice on you.

How to report an ad?

If you believe that an ad does not comply with some rules, you can report it from the ad page. You will then be asked for a reason. Note that the ad remains active until the administrator verifies it.

How is an ad moderated?

Each published advertisement is subject to moderation. When an advertisement is published, the seller is informed by email. Videtonplacard.com reserves the right to delete, without notice or compensation, any Ad which does not comply with the distribution rules and / or which is likely to infringe the rights of a third party.

How do I know if I have a potential buyer?

Videtonplacard.com sends a notification to the seller if the seller is connected. If he is not connected to the site, then an email will be sent. It is the same for the responses made to buyers. If you haven’t received any emails, please also check your spam folder in your inbox.

How long does my ad appear on the site?

Videtonplacard.com publishes your ads for 90 days. Beyond this date, the ad is automatically un-published. You can, however, renew it by going to your account in the ‘ads’ section.

My ad is not visible: why?

Videtonplacard.com has a moderation system before the publication of ads. Under 48 hours maximum, if your ad conforms to the rules of use of the site, you should see it online. An email will be sent to you to keep you informed of its publication. If not, contact us!