We all have clothes in our wardrobe that we don't wear anymore, and that we keep by saying 'you never know', or 'when I lose weight', 'or that I keep if I go to such a place' … I know even more than one who bought clothes and never wore them! Admit it! Yes… Me too!

You can sell them

There is not yet a lot of vacuum-dressing in Mauritius, but a first edition in collaboration with the site is in the works! In the meantime, you can sell them 24 hours a day on videtonplacard.com if they are in good condition at a reasonable price.

You can exchange them

There is a monthly edition of clothing barter organized by the company DNL. Events are posted on their Facebook page, keep informed.

On videtonplacard.com you can also offer your clothes to exchange. All you have to do is specify it in the ad and get in touch with the sellers you're interested in.

You can give them away

There are many associations that collect clothing for families in need. The list can be found on the ACTogether website.

On Videtonplacard.com you can also report that you are donating clothes by creating a donation ad.

You can upcycle them

Do you know that term? It's about taking existing materials to create something else with it. There are many videos on Youtube to update your clothes or create new ones. With a sewing machine, a little patience and rigor, you should get beautiful unique and very trendy pieces!

By extending the life of our clothing, we help preserve our planet and limit our impact on it. Rather than buying new ones systematically, our mode of consumption in terms of fashion must change because it is harmful and destructive.

See you on videtonplacard.com!


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